Sandbox (Test API Key)

OneRoute provides a developer-friendly test environment to check out the usage of the WhatsApp API. Through the test channel, you can test sending messages and templates and receive a webhook.

What you can do in the Sandbox

  1. You can use the Test API Key to sendtext messages andtext templates to your own phone number.

  2. An unlimited amount of messages can be sent with the sandbox.

  3. Your phone number acts as a user and can send and receive messages.

  4. The number can be a landline number, as long it is able to use WhatsApp.

  5. You can switch the endpoint at any time. If you don't have one yet you can use a free service like RequestBin to set up an endpoint.

  6. Each Sandbox API Key is linked to one phone number and you can only send text messages to that phone number. If you wish to test messages with more than 1 number then it is advised to set up a test WhatsApp Business Account (Staging WABA) to use instead of the Sandbox.

What you cannot do in the Sandbox

  1. The Sandbox is a test environment only. You will not be able to use it to send messages to your clients. You can only send messages to your own phone number.

  2. Media download and upload are not supported yet (coming soon).

  3. Templates messages can be sent a maximum of 10 times. You can choose between 2 predefined templates.

  4. Messages and Templates can be sent only to your own phone number.

  5. We will only forward and trigger an API when your given number is involved.

  6. We do not yet provide response information when you use the WhatsApp API.

  7. You only have access to the WhatsApp API.

  8. Our Sandbox is available to test via the API, but any automated tests would have to be configured from your end.

1. Get a Test API Key

To get a test API-KEY you can either:

  1. Send a WhatsApp message from your phone to the phone number +4930609859535 , with the content START. Alternatively, you can click this link:

  2. As a response, you will receive your Test API-KEY. This key is associated with your phone's WhatsApp number.

  3. Now you are able to use the OneRoute WhatsApp API (Sandbox). You can set your own Webhook or send an unlimited number of messages and limited (10) templates.

2. Create your Whatsapp channel (Sandbox) on OneRoute

  • Sign in to your OneRoute account.

  • Navigate to Settings and click Channels.

  • Click Add an account in the WhatsApp section(s).

  • Select the Sandbox option, enter the test API Key from Step 1, as well as your phone number.

  • Click Verify.

If you entered the correct phone number and API Key, you would have successfully connected a Whatsapp Sandbox channel.

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