Verify OTP

Verify OTP


Use this endpoint to verify that the customer entered the same OTP that was sent with the Send OTP endpoint.


Request Body

    "message": "Otp verified successfully",
    "body": {
        "status": "Success",
        "response": "OTP Matched"
    "success": true

Verify with USSD

When you include USSD as one of your preferred OneOTP channels, your customers can verify their OTP by dialing your USSD code which you can find on your Account Settings Page.

Once verification is complete, a notification will be sent to the webhook urlconfigured on your Account Settings Page to notify you that the OTP has been verified successfully.

Webhook Payload Sample

    "id": "63d45b42-0898-43b3-b81d-1fb2d45bc78f",
    "otp": "1234",
    "identifier": "+234XXXXXXXX",
    "expiration_time": "1941-06-22T16:36:45.742Z"
    "createdAt": "1941-06-22T16:36:45.742Z"

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