OneRoute WhatsApp API - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is WhatsApp session messaging?

WhatsApp session ​​messages refer to messages sent and received in response to a message initiated by a user to your business. A messaging session starts when a user sends your business a message and it lasts for a 24 hours window after which you can only send messages to users via template messages to invite them to respond.

2. What is WhatsApp template messaging?

Whatsapp template messages refer to pre-approved message templates used for outbound notifications like OTP and appointment reminders. These messages can be delivered at any time to WhatsApp accounts. You must use a WhatsApp Template Message if more than 24 hours have elapsed since the customer last messaged your Whatsapp Business number. WhatsApp templates are charged per message on a pay-as-you-go basis.

3. What is the difference between Whatsapp template messaging and Whatsapp session messaging?

Session Messages can only be started by the customer after which, you can receive and send messages freely no rules apply for a 24-hour window. After the 24-hour window has expired, you can send Template Messages that have been paid for only to send notifications or reconnect with customers. Within the 24hours of the session message, you can send and receive messages multiple times with attachments, promotional content, surveys, etc while template messages after the 24-hour window only allows you to send notifications and other approved templates and no promotional or marketing content.

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